Content creation for accommodations

We created this page to give you a glimpse of the quality we deliver. Check out our work and see how we can provide you with top-notch photo and video content for your marketing, and help our audience discover your accommodation.

Video production

Whether you have a particular story you want to share, or simply want to highlight the unique aspects of your accommodations, we’re here to help. From short 15-second teasers to longer 3-minute videos, we can tailor our productions to suit your needs.

Video is the perfect way to showcase your property on your own website, via paid ads, or social media.

“Thank you for the stunning video that Kiladera created for the reopening of our hotel! I can’t wait to start the next project with them, relying once again on their professionalism!”

Sven Steijvers

General Manager, 1898 The Post & The Cobbler


We offer a range of photography services to capture your property inside and out. From close-up shots to stunning aerial views with our drone, we can showcase every angle of your accommodation. We can even do 360° photos for a complete look.

Click on the photos to view larger images. Please note, to keep the webpage running smoothly, the images are optimized for web, which means lower quality.

Nowhere in Bocas del Toro
Plaza Paitilla
Plaza Paitilla
Plaza Paitilla

Travel blog content

Mentions in our blogs and destination pages

We can feature your accommodation in various types of content, available in both Dutch and English:

  • Travel itinerary blog post (example)
  • Destination page (example)
  • Accommodation lists within specific destination blog posts (example)

Have another idea in mind? Let us know! We’re open to suggestions.

“Thanks to your blog, we booked the same accommodation and trekking adventure. FANTASTIC! We’re really pleased that your blog led us to choose this tour.”


“We just want to say a super thank you for all the tips. Both on the blogs and via chat… We are now in Gamboa! Beautiful, as you said, something we definitely did not want to miss.


Your accommodation featured in our freebies

We include your accommodation in our downloadable PDF freebies, available to our readers after providing their name and email address. Our freebies consist of travel guides and itineraries, offered in both English and Dutch.

Accomodation tip in itinerary freebie
Accomodation tip in travel guide freebie

Instagram reels

We offer the opportunity for your accommodation to be featured on our Instagram through reels and stories. With a high engagement rate of 9.95%*, your property will be showcased to our engaged audience of 3,700 followers, potentially reaching a significant number of viewers.

*The engagement rate is calculated based on the likes, comments, and saves of 10 posts and reels from April to May 2024, divided by the total reach.

About our target audience

Our audience consists of mid-range do-it-yourself travelers who are willing to spend more for accommodations in prime locations, offering stunning views or unique settings. They seek the best travel experiences, whether in a boutique hotel, apartment, eco-friendly accommodation, or unique stays like treehouses or houseboats.

Our readers enjoy a variety of destinations, from cities to nature spots and beaches, and are interested in activities ranging from adventure to discovering local life. While their travel duration and timing can vary, they consistently look for high-quality, value-for-money accommodations.

Denis en Kimberly

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As travel bloggers and videographers with a background in digital marketing, we can offer a lot to each other.

Interested in collaborating or do you have a fantastic idea that isn’t on the list above?

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