Rain on Bocas del Toro? Here’s what you can do!

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Of all the islands I have seen, Bocas del Toro is among my favourites. On Bocas del Toro, beautiful beaches meet pristine jungle. The best of both worlds.

But why is it so green here? You guessed it, because it often rains here. This part of Panama has its own microclimate.

It rains regularly, but don’t let that stop you! In this blog, I give you some fun activities to do when it rains in Bocas del Toro.

“Some people feel the rain, others just get wet” – Bob Marley 

ATV huren op Bocas del Toro in Panama

Tip #1 Rent a quad bike

One of the most fun things to do on Bocas del Toro when it rains is to rent a quad bike! Put on clothes that can get dirty and tear through the mud in the jungle.

Because you’ll be riding mostly among the trees, you’ll hardly notice the rain. And who knows, maybe it will suddenly clear up when you arrive at a deserted beach.

We had great fun on our quad tour and can really recommend it, regardless of whether it is rainy or sunny.

You can rent a quad bike (ATV) through Flying Pirates on the island of Colon.

Tip #2 Hike through the rainforest

What started as a day with a pout because it was raining again, turned out to be one of the best days in Panama. We ignored the rain and took the boat to Red Frog shortcut on the island of Bastimentos. Through the jungle and past beaches, we walked towards Polo Beach. Not to lie on the beach, but to spot wildlife and enjoy nature.

It didn’t turn out to be the sunniest photos of the beautiful stretches of coast we came across, but we saw plenty of wild life! Among others, we spotted monkeys, sloths, red frogs, a caiman and beautiful birds. 

Embrace why the ‘rainforest’ is so green and ENJOY the beautiful nature!

PS, a waterproof backpack or rain cover is handy when it rains. We bought this rain cover for less than €5 and it was perfect!

Fotograferen in de regen op Bocas del Toro

Photo tip

Get a camera rain cover that protects your camera well, then the rain will never stop you from taking a picture.

Don't forget a blower gallows, either. With a blower gallows, you can easily blow the raindrops off your lens, while a cloth will make streaks.

Tip #3 Book a massage

A massage is always a good idea. And rain is of course the perfect excuse to book a massage 😉

Check out Bluff Beach Jungle Spa for a delicious hot chocolate or ‘coco loco’ massage.

Suppen in Bocas del Toro

Tip #4 Go kayaking or Supping

It might sound a bit strange if you’re reading this in (reasonably) cold country. Kayaking or Supping while it’s raining?

Yes, because in Panama, rain does not necessarily mean cold. The seawater is still nice and warm and unless it is raining really hard, it is not bad to have fun in or on the water. Even snorkelling can still be really nice!

You can often rent or borrow a SUP or kayak from your waterside accommodation. But be sure to inflate your SUP better than I did 😉

Tip #5 Take yoga class

Yoga lover? Then you have plenty of choice on Bocas del Toro. A yoga class is the ideal activity when it rains.

We have no experience with it ourselves, but saw some good reviews at ROAM Yoga & Wellness and Nomad Tree Lodge. Seeing the videos of Nomad Tree Lodge, I even get some FOMO that we didn’t do this ourselves….

Eten op Bocas del Toro

Tip #6 Go out for dinner

A shower does not mean it will rain all day. Sit down in a nice place and taste some local food!

Especially on the island of Bastimentos, you will enjoy a special cuisine with many Caribbean influences.

Tip #7 Go to Bocas Town

But what do you do at night when it rains? There is plenty of entertainment to be found in Bocas Town. Dance in a club or go ping pong in a café. There is plenty to do!

Pelikaan op Bocas del Toro

Tip #8 Or… just do nothing for a while!

You don’t always ‘have’ to do something. Choose nice accommodation on Bocas del Toro, and you can have a great time when it rains.

On Bastimentos island, for instance, we were on the waterfront and had a canopy. We chilled for a long time on our balcony overlooking the rainforest and pelicans looking for fish.

Then, on the island of Bastimentos, we were in the jungle, in the special accommodation of Nowhere. The tall trees meant we were barely bothered by the rain. We enjoyed ourselves in our own idyllic cottage, the common area and the swimming pool.

Hope you got something out of these tips! Don’t let the rain stop you on Bocas del Toro. It is a beautiful group of islands, even when it rains!

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