This is why you should book a citytrip to Seville now!

Reason #1: Seville is one of the warmest cities in Europe

This southern part of Spain is one of the hottest places in Europe. That means it will be too hot for most people in July and August. BUT that also means it’s great to be here the rest of the year! Temperatures rarely drop below 18 °C during the day.

We went in November and still enjoyed a lovely 25 °C in the shade. In Belgium, it was still only 6 °C and non-stop rain.

You’re probably convinced by now to book that ticket, but read on anyway!

Reason #2: There are tasty tapas on every street corner

Our scales certainly weren’t happy about it, but how much we enjoyed the food! Every street corner has a tapas bar where you can have a cosy drink with some snacks.

In Seville, it is also perfectly normal to have a glass of wine or beer with the first tapas of the day, usually from 13:30. Even on weekdays. Sometimes it’s really hard to find an empty table.

If that doesn’t feel like a holiday! I could quite get used to these ‘habits’. And even though we have visited Spain many times before, this city felt more burgundy than others we have been to.

Reason #3: The architecture is beautiful throughout the city

In most cities, you go from building to building, admiring the architecture. But Seville is teeming with unique architecture, you hardly have to look for it.

It is also a place where Mudéjar and Gothic architectural styles are very evident. The fusion of Christian and Islamic influences is very special and gives the city a somewhat Eastern feel.

And then you have Setas de Sevilla, which again is very modern. I could list a lot of beautiful cities, but in terms of architecture, Seville really is the winner.

Reason #4: Seville is the city of flamenco

I never thought I would enjoy watching flamenco so much. But Seville exudes this dance, and it is intriguing to watch.

A spontaneous performance on the street, or a performance in a theatre, it’s all part of the vibe of this city. Passion, love, sadness, and lots of other emotions are expressed through dance and song in Seville. Special to see!

👉 Want to see some fun flamenco footage? Check out our travel video!

👉 Tip: Be sure to attend a flamenco performance when in Seville!

Reason #5: Seville is a great place for shopping

Seville is a fine shopping city. And that’s coming from the mouth of someone who doesn’t like (physical) shopping. But here I had a good time for a day and my suitcase was a lot heavier on the way back.

The shopping streets are nice to wander through, and being in Spain, it’s often cheaper too!

Reason #6: Seville is a cheerful city

If the beautiful architecture or a spontaneous flamenco performance hasn’t yet made you happy, the countless orange trees will put a smile on your face.

And the palm trees also add an exotic feel to the place.

Seriously, what more could you want?

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Reason #7: It’s the ideal base for a road trip

Just city doesn’t appeal to you? We get it. Luckily, there are a lot of beautiful places nearby. Seville is the ideal place to take a road trip through beautiful Andalusia.

Or, of course, you could just alternate a day in the city with a beach or mountains.



Voila! I think I’ve managed to convince you to go to Seville by now. ENJOY!!