This is Kiladera.

Our original travel blog is in Dutch. This English version is new, and we’re working hard on the translations. Some translations are automated, which we need to review. The website will be fully translated, soon!


Ki-La-De-Ra. Sounds like something exotic? It isn’t. It is a combination of our first and last names. In ordinary life we have been lovers for a long time; when traveling we are a typical traveling couple. With a whole bunch of experiences that we are happy to share with you through this travel blog.

Our trips are preceded by several hours of research. A whole list of must-do’s, a map of hot spots and valuable information. With care, we map out our ideal journey. Once we travel, a (small) part of the predetermined planning falls away and we find all kinds of new, amazing places. Then we come home with sometimes hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos.

In addition to a YouTube channel where we share our travel videos, we also wanted to do something with our photos and all the valuable tips. Because our experience can help you piece together your ideal trip. Once the place where we only shared travel photos, is now converting it to travel experiences.

Kiladera: Kimberly & Denis

On this travel blog you will find many tips about various destinations in Europe, Southeast Asia and the Americas, but we also include our passion for video and photography. That means we occasionally digress about drone use or handy video or photo tips. Therefore, the photos and videos you will find on this website are all – unless otherwise indicated – taken by one of us.


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Kimberly’s ‘KI’

Crazy about skyscrapers, bounty islands, palm trees, rugged landscapes, other cultures and the occasional good party. Preferably all combined with a beautiful sunset. Actually comes from the Netherlands, but is somewhat Vervlaamst after 15 years in Belgium. Has pre-fun planning the trip, fun while traveling and post-fun editing the travel videos and this travel blog.

In other words, addicted to the whole concept of travel.


Age: 35

Funniest cities: Singapore and New York

Most beautiful destinations: Mexico, Tromsø & Panama

Favorite islands: Koh Phangan, Isla Holbox & Yanis

Favorite cuisines: Thai, Indonesian & Mexican

Bucket list countries: Iceland, Peru and actually about 20 more countries….

Fun toys: Sony A7SIII & DJI Osmo Pocket

Most unusual accommodations: Marina Bay Sands & Nowhere

The ‘The’ of Denis

The face behind the drone, 360° videos and video animations. Denis has had the travel bug ever since he traveled through Central America on his own at age 24. He is into other cultures and beautiful beaches, but preferably off the grid, away from mass tourism.

Age: 43

Funniest cities: Berlin and Singapore

Most beautiful destinations: Mexico and Gili Islands

Favorite islands: Isla Holbox, Sardinia and Bocas del Toro

Favorite cuisines: Mexican and Italian

Bucket list countries: Cuba and Puerto Rico

Fun toys: DJI Mini 4 and Insta360 One X2